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The NGO Support Center is very pleased to offer a valuable new service to NGOs! For all interested associations and foundations registered with the Registration Act., the Center will provide them their own website in English with their own website address and all for a very low fee !

If your NGO does not have a website, let us launch and maintain your first website and give your NGO a presence on the global Internet. If your NGO already has a website of its own, then for update, renew for contact us.

Then all visitors including donor agencies, other NGOs, trainers and technical service providers, citizens and local officials to the NGO Support Center website will quickly and easily find your website too!

The Benefits of an NGO Website :
Benefit #1: A Website with Little Effort and No Problems

The Center’s website service is simple and easy to use. Your NGO does not need to know how to use specialized web authoring software, or how to find and hire a website designer. And you do not have to contract with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to host your website.

Just provide us the information needed including narrative about your NGO, photos, your logo (if available) and your choice of a website address and we will quickly prepare and launch your website. Then we will update and maintain your website for as long as you request.

Benefit #2: A Quality Standard Websites
We design quality standard websites Benefits List

Quick loading, attractive, User friendly navigation

Changing the navigation of a site can increase usage.

Search engine ready

Adding a user-friendly graphical element increases the value of content.

Browser Compatible Tying a site to marketing collateral builds brand identity.

Resolution Compatible

The Homepage is exciting, interesting, attention-grabbing
Easy to update and expand Useful External Links are provided.
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Bamongram Resham Khadi Pratisthan, Mr. H. Rahaman, 41-A,
DDA Flat, Mata Sundari Road, New Delhi, India-110002 Phone : 0091-11-23210628,
Fax-01123210628091-9868506876, E-mail :
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