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The Aims and Objectives....
To provide opportunities for physical, moral, cultural and social education by organizing seminars, workshops, symposium, exhibitions, meetings, discussion, and talk, cultural and sports meet, venture programme and other social gathering/program’s.
To promote and develop entrepreneurship among the unemployed personal of the area of operation through vocational training, professional education/training, financial and technical assistance.
To foster friendly relationship between rural and urban people and work for the weaker society.
To enable children to be children, play, think, laugh and grow as children.
To create socio-economic-cultural awareness among people.
Health Education and Culture.
To organize people, especially the women, to take initiative for their own development.
To motivate people for judicious utilization of local resources.
To inculcate knowledge among the people to take action for restoration of ecological balance and eco harmony.
To provide and arrange need based training to the rural folk, men and women to upgrade their knowledge and improve their skill to become socio-economically self-reliant.
To take action against environment pollution and harnessing the power of nature through proper utilization of renewable energy.
To emphasis the need for education as the first step to fight against poverty.
To work for the sustainable development of the people through participatory process.
To promote organized marketing of people’s Tailoring Training.
To promote inter state and international contacts, exchange of thought and enlighten about the global humanitarian interest without disconnection of class, color, creed or religion by providing a meting round in the homely and healthy atmosphere.
To organize National Integration Camps in different part of India.
To promote the concept of Gender Justice and Child Welfare.
To organize educational tours including Mountaineering and Trekking for youth groups.
To promote propagate and educated about the healthy life style.
To Promote and Protect Child right.
To organize explore fund raising efforts/initiative for the fulfillment of the objectives of the organization by mobilization of financial assistance/donations from Government, National or International agencies.
To amalgamate any society, association, institutions, company or other body whether corporate or not, take over the properties, assets, liabilities and engagements of any such body.
To affiliate or work in co-operation with institutions or societies whether National or International, which have similar objects, aims and activities.
Bamongram Resham Khadi Pratisthan, Mr. H. Rahaman, 41-A,
DDA Flat, Mata Sundari Road, New Delhi, India-110002 Phone : 0091-11-23210628,
Fax-01123210628091-9868506876, E-mail :
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